Simultaneous interpretation

We have been active in the market for more than 13 years and took part in more than 150 events. Our services include simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpretation.

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Simultaneous Translation Equipment

Traduções do Mercosul offers all the equipment for simultaneous translation. Transmitters, receptors, interpreter centers and booths.

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Translation and Revision of Texts

Translations offered by Traduções do Mercosul are always executed by native speakers of the target language, ensuring the appropriate style and localization of the text.

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Portuguese Revision and ABNT Formatting

Spelling and grammar revision of Portuguese and formatting with ABNT standards.

Professional and experienced proofreaders carry out the spelling and grammar revision of academic papers and books in Portuguese, as well as their formatting according to the standards of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards, in all cases with short deadlines, quick interaction with authors and extremely competitive values. Authors and publishers find in Traduções do Mercosul an efficient partner for their publications.

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Publication and Typesetting

Traduções do Mercosul offers complete services related to graphic projects, including translation, revision, production and graphic design.

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Radio Broadcasting Visitation System

Turn the visitations to your facilities into a unique experience and leave the best impression about your company.

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Radio Transmission for Modular Conference Rooms

Would you like to perform many lectures simultaneously in the same room, without dividers or acoustic separations? Or perform a lecture in your own stand in a fair or expo, in your own tone of voice without disturbing other stands and at a perfect volume? Traduções do Mercosul provides VHF transmitters and receptors that run in different channels and allow an easy and cheap way to give an invisible modularity to your spaces.

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Sworn Translations for your Company

For all your company needs, Traduções do Mercosul provides sworn translations in many languages, with speed and confidentiality.

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Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)

Remote Interpretation allows communication through the internet between people who speak different languages and who are in different places. And it is within this category that the REMOTE SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETATION (RSI), commonly also called Remote Simultaneous Translation, or simply Remote Translation, is presented as one that allows communication in real time, without pauses or interruptions, and with the best swiftness. This modality is already used today for many purposes, such as virtual meetings and internal training in large companies.

Traduções do Mercosul brings together 17 years of experience providing outstanding simultaneous translation with its own RSI studies (HUB) to offer a complete solution for remote simultaneous interpretation.

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